World Cup 2018 – the football World Cup

World Cup 2018 news

World Cup 2018 – the football World Cup

The European Championship 2016 has shown us what teams from this continent can afford. Portugal won the tournament and defeated the host France in the final. Besides these two countries, Germany, Italy and Belgium have also shown that they have a good team. The fact that the whole tournament was not as expected and offered surprises was shown by Wales, which came to the semifinals. The title defender of 2014 was also eliminated in the semifinals, but Germany will certainly have a very changed team at the World Cup 2018.
EM euphoria of the European Championship 2016 in France is hardly over

The euphoria of the European Championship 2016 in France is barely over and the next big football tournament is already around the corner. The World Cup 2018 will take place in Russia and the qualification process in Europe will begin as early as September 2016. He has already started in other football federations, such as South America and Asia. The World Cup 2018 will be targeted for the first time by Russia and is also the first world championship in Europe, since the 2006 tournament in Germany. The qualifying tournament 2018 will also be expanded by two new nations. In May, Gibraltar and Kosovo received permission from FIFA to be part of the qualification process.

The World Cup 2014 in Brazil gave Germany the 4th time the World Cup victory

The World Cup 2014 in Brazil offered a interesting tournament and in the end Germany was the winner for the fourth time. The host Brazil has exchanged his own fans, most with the incredible 1-7 defeat against Germany. The “Elf” defeated Argentina in the final, thanks to Mario Götzes goal in the late season.

The World Cup 2018 is already entangled in various scandals. FIFA has big problems today.
Yes the FIFA has big problems today, but that is to remain in the background. Football should play the leading role and we can all hope that the World Cup 2018 will offer good football. The World Cup in Russia will be the 21st World Cup and will only be played in the European part of Russia, so that the teams do not have to travel long east.

The World Cup 2018 – Argentina is arguably the favourite

From the South American continent we will have five or six teams and all expect Argentina and Brazil to achieve a good result. Brazil is still standing beside it and without Neymar hardly a real leader in the team. The question of whether Brazil can do something in 2018 is hard to answer but on the one hand we can say that Brazil is not the favorite. On the other hand, Argentina looks very good and some see this team as the main favourite in Russia. Leo Messi has withdrawn from the national team, but according to various newspapers from his home country, he will once again strip the Argentine jersey. With him, Higuain and Di Maria also in the team, Argentina can finally win a big tournament.

While Africa and Asia also have very good teams on the continent, hardly any such world-champion material looks like it. In Africa, everyone will see the Nigerians who won the last AFC. In Asia, it will be interesting how Qatar is performing in the qualification process. You will organize the next world Championship 2022 and have already impressed in the qualification. Football is a big boom in this country and it seems that they will invest a lot in football, as they did in handball.

The football World Cup 2018 in Russia starts in June 2018 and will last exactly 32 days. The final is played in Moscow.

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